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What did you think of our trip?
What did you learn?
What do you think of this web site?
What's your favorite part of our trip?
What's your favorite part of this web site?
Have you been to Africa? Tell us about your experience!
Did you find any spelling or grammar errors?
Do you have any questions that I can further explain?


ANGELA (Dawn's SJSU friend & African buddy)
Dawn, Great web site. You took sooooooo much time putting it all together. Since this is home, I think you're nuts, but then... I'm also quite impressed.

BARBARA (Dawn's cousin)
I love your site on Africa! I just spent the last two hours reading and looking at all the pictures. You've made it very easy to read and it kept my interest. Your information and stories are in plain English, and it's very interesting and fun to read. Thanks for sending me the link!

BILLY (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Dawn, Cool web site!

BONNIE (Jeff's aunt)
Wow!! I just saw a little bit of your web site. I can't wait until I have a whole day to go through it all and enjoy the commentary! Great pics of Marsh.

BRIAN (Dawn's Denver college instructor)
Very professionally done.

CRAIG (Dawn's cousin-in-law)
Well done on the web site...So much to view. I loved it.

DAN (Dawn's cousin)
Your web site for the African trip is really nice. I also visited those two sites and stayed in the tented camp. I splurged and took the hot air balloon ride. Really impressive to glide over the plains and see the animals below.

DAVID (Dawn's SJSU college professor)
Nice site Dawn, and what a spectacular way to document your latest adventure.

DEBORRA (Dawn's old work colleague)
Saw your African web site, Dawn. Wow! What a wonderful experience that was for you two.

DON (Jeff's cousin)
What a marvelous web site! What a marvelous trip!

DONA (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Dawn ... so good to hear from you! I loved your web site ... looked at and read every link. I'm familiar with the tour books (Rick Steves) you mentioned on the London section. In fact, a few weeks ago Steve had a special on PBS that I watched. It was the best documentary and travel log I'd seen on Italy ... very nice. After reading your stuff though, I think you should write your own travel books ... you're a natural!

DONNA (Dawn's aunt)
Uncle Don and I have checked out your web site. Very interesting! We haven't gotten all the way through it, yet. You have put a lot of work into it. I have told everyone in the family that has a computer to check it out.

DONNA (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Hi Dawn, Just briefly breezed through your web page -- wow -- I'll look at it in detail later. I'm jealous! Want to go too!

GREG (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Great stuff, Dawn. Looks like an epic trip and you did a wonderful job on the site.

JEAN (Marsha's old work colleague)
The web site for Africa is great. And such a nice tribute to Marsha.

JOHN (Jeff's work colleague)
Dawn and Jeff: It's a wonderful sight and site. There is so much good stuff here I'll never get any work done now (just kidding Jeff!). Thanks so much for including me in your email. I'll be sure to pass it on to some of my friends.

KAREN (Dawn's old work colleague)
Just visited your web site, and I'm reminded-- you never do anything half-assed, do you?! Wonderful web site, full of great information. You've found yet another talent.

KAREN (Dawn's SJSU college professor)
I checked out your awesome Africa web site. In fact, when you first sent your email out saying you'd posted it, I was way too busy to look at the site but I did anyway...and found myself 30 minutes later deeply engrossed in it. You and the site are amazing. The depth of information about your trip--in detail and quantity--is impressive. And, oddly enough, a very good friend of mine sent me an email that same day recounting her stories of traveling in Senegal and she, too, suffered the African lettuce illness and now warns against African salad. It was a funny coincidence to read the same warning twice in one day.
     I really admire your bravery in doing the travel...especially with such a crazy way of getting seated on the planes, etc.

KIM (Dawn's cousin)
Hi Dawn, Your web site was amazing! Your pictures were spectacular, and you included so much information! It's a great web site. I can't wait to show Justin! (her super smart son) I'm sure he'll love it!

KIM (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Well, I better make sure I have some time before I get involved in looking through such a dense site of experience! As usual, you go full throttle on your projects. You are amazing!

KIM (Jeff's cousin)
WOW, WOW, WOW! I really enjoyed your web site. The remembrance for Marsh was great, too.

LINDA (We met in Africa)
Dear Dawn and Jeff, It was a real buzz to get your email and access to your African web site, I really enjoyed it. I feel the same about Africa as you do. I also have some excellent photos of our gorilla trekking and white water rafting down the Nile, which was very scary but totally awesome.

LIZ (Dawn's SJSU friend)
I just visited the website, and it's truly amazing. You did such an awesome job describing the adventure. What an inspiration and exhilirating experience for us all. I will definitely share this along with my friends and family. I would only dream of doing this one day. I love animals...

LUCINDA (Dawn's SJSU friend)
Dawn! It's so nice to see you're still traveling the world. Great web site! It must have taken quite some time to complete. I am sorry to hear about Jeff's mother. I think it's really cool that you dedicated the web site to her.

MERLE (Dawn's high school teacher)
Hi Dawn, All I can say is wow. I just glanced at it and was blown away! Can't wait to spend some time and go through it all. What an exciting trip!

NANCY (Dawn's cousin)
You did a marvelous job, and I found it very interesting!

RICK (One of Dawn's workout buddies)
It's a very nice site!

RUTHANN (Dawn's great aunt)
This is one great web site. You should have your own travel agency! You must have put many, many hours in this. What a great trip to take. When the opportunity is there -- why not, also money.

SRINI (One of Dawn's workout buddies)
You have a good presentation of your Africa tour!

SUZANNE (Dawn's old work colleague)
I am HIGHLY impressed with your web site - you are very talented!

TAMI (Dawn's cousin-in-law)
Hi Dawn, Nice web site! :o)

TERRYE (Dawn's high school friend)
WOW! What a great site you've put together... now you have me wanting even more to go to Africa! Looks like a good way to spend next year's dividend checks.

TONY & JANE (Marsha's high school friends)
Thanks Dawn and Jeff for sharing this with us. Really very cool.

WENDY (Dawn's step-sister)
I love the Africa web site! I've seen some of your photos on the folk's screen saver. I bet that was a trip of a lifetime! I am still making my way through all of the incredible information on the web site. I am very impressed!


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