Andre Parker: Memories


The intent of this remembrance page is for Andre's family and
friends to tell us how they will always remember him. Pretend
you're telling someone about Andre. You would describe his
personality, characteristics, traits, values, strengths,
weaknesses, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, style, funny quirks,
etc. For example, you would begin by saying "Andre was..."

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I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Andre when he worked for Benetton in Anchorage, Alaska (1988). I went to school in Athens, Greece for a year. He listened and arranged a trip there and perhaps looked into attending school there. He was always intelligent, kind, and full of life. What a blessing to have known him. May peace be with you all.

JODIE ANDREWS (Class of 1987)
Andre was a very kind and extremely generous person. I met him in one of my classes. He was so popular!! The one thing that stays with me forever was that I had bumped into Andre a few years after graduation, he was working in the Diamond Mall. I was there shopping and he came up to me, gave me this big hug, and REMEMBERED my NAME!!! He just was that way with people. He will be missed and thought of everyday. I was hoping to meet up with him again and receive that same hug and greeting.

Andre has been my friend since Wendler Junior High. We later lived near each other in Anchorage, and we always rode the bus together. He lived with his grandparents, and I'll always remember how fondly he spoke of them. He especially loved his grandmother, and he was saddened by her death a few years ago. Andre and I have kept in constant contact over the years, and I had in fact just talked to him a few weeks before his death. He lived about two hours north of me with his Aunt Cristhal (who he loved dearly), and we would try to see each other a couple times a year for lunch, shopping, and a movie. I miss him so much all ready!

In school, Andre was always a blast to be around! He was such a fashion slave, and I have many pictures of him in his outfits as he was always so well dressed. I vividly remember Andre getting colored contacts -- as it was so strange to see a black person with green eyes. But I thought it was so cool! I remember him working at the Northway and Diamond Malls in clothing stores. He loved clothes! And when we got together later in life, we loved to shop together. He knew of all the latest trends, and we would try to find bargains. We always had such fun together!

Andre was always sincerely interested in your life -- who you were dating, how the marriage was going, what are your thoughts, concerns, and interests about any topic. I loved that he was into celebrity gossip, watching popular television shows, and going to the movies. We loved to gossip about people we both knew or hearing each others troubles and tribulations that were going on in our own lives. Nothing was taboo with Andre, and we could talk about absolutely anything. I miss that the most about Andre.

I'll always remember the time Andre lived in Athens, Greece. He wrote me from there, and it's one of my most cherished possessions I have of him. I thought it was so cool to live overseas! He often traveled throughout his illness, going to Hawaii, Mexico, Washington, Canada, and Alaska. Nothing stopped him, and I think that's so honorable about him.

I'll also always remember the day Andre told me he had Aids. He was skeptical at first, not knowing how I would react. I told Andre that he was my friend, and that I don't judge him. As with all my friends, I'm here to walk through life with them, through all of its ups and downs, next to each other, to listen and be there for them. That's what true friendship is about. We had that kind of relationship.

Throughout Andre's entire illness, he never complained about it (and he went through pure hell with it). We would talk about different aspects that sucked, but he never let it get him down. He always had a positive attitude, and I truly and sincerely believe that's why he lived for so long (almost eight or so years).

Andre was very talented, and he used to paint. One year for his birthday, I bought him a lot of painting supplies and a canvas as I wanted a "Parker" original. He never felt well enough to do it but that's okay. He was also very generous. I remember one time when I visited him that I commented how good he smelled. He later went into his bathroom and gave me an unopened bar of expensive soap that he had recently purchased. What a wonderful and thoughtful person he was!

In honor of Andre's memory, I've obtained some of his ashes. I'm putting them into a necklace pendant, and I'm going to wear it to the 20 year class reunion in 2006. This way Andre can still "be there," and we can gossip about everyone just like we would have anyway! I thought it would be a nice way to honor his memory.

I miss you a lot, Andre, one of my oldest and dearest friends. I'll always remember that smile. May God bless you and keep you. I love you.


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