Picnic Photographs - Page 3

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  Laurie Johnson (Wiles), Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling),
Andre Parker, Donna Forrester (Davis) [back row -
left to right]. Renee Wolff (Law) [front row].
  Jessica Alfano (Johnson), Tony Alvarado,
and Corine (Tony's wife) [left to right].
  Warren and Laurie Johnson (Wiles) with
daughter Chrysa [front row - left to right].
Kelley (Butler) and Andy Cizek [back row -
left to right].
  Meg Smith (Brown), Bob (Roseann's husband),
Roseann Platt (Taylor) holding Trill's daughter
Kennedy, Anna Stiller (Jose), Tony (Trill's
husband), Trill Webster (Gates), and ???
[left to right].
  Curtis Hiukka, Brent Carr, Maggie Reecamper,
and Larry Bohall [left to right]. I'm not sure
who all the children are.
  Michael (Jennifer's husband), Sandra Barone (Scott),
and Jennifer Dennis (Isham) [left to right].


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