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  Group Shot!
Bryan Burke and Chris Bodewitz
[front row - left to right].
Tony Alvarado, Larry Bohall, Brent Carr,
Caroline Johengen (Bolls), Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling),
Duane Jones, Michelle Perminov (Petersen), John Toole,
and Paul Dougherty [middle row - left to right].
Curtis Hiukka, Giles Harrison, Illiya Pekich and his son,
Fred Brenner, Robert Sun, and Ken Noland
[back row - left to right].
  Bob (Roseann's husband), Roseann Platt (Taylor),
Sally Janis, the back of Mike (Jessica Johnson's
husband), Tony (Trill's husband), Trill Webster (Gates),
and ??? [left to right].
  Michael (Jennifer Isham's husband), Robyn Harris
(LaMore), Ken Noland, Dionne (Mark's wife), Mark
Eral, and David Anderson [left to right]. I'm
not sure who the children are.
  Jan Haslett [blonde facing us].
  Duane Jones [right] talking to
Coach Larry Whitmore [left].
  Giles Harrison, Bryan Burke,
and Fred Brenner [left to right].

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