Picnic Photographs - Page 2

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  John Toole and Andrew Loomis
[facing the camera - left to right].
  Jeff (Dawn's husband), Jodi Callahan,
Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling), and Caroline
Johengen (Bolls) [left to right].
  Bryan Burke, Fred Brenner,
and Illiya Pekich [left to right].
  Paul Dougherty, Michelle Perminov (Petersen) [back of
head], Scott Cowan, Jay Riski, and Duane Jones
[left to right].
  Corine (Tony Alvarado's wife), Robyn Harris (LaMore),
David Anderson, and Shannon Powell [left to right].
  Andre Parker and Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling)
[left to right].

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