Michael Todd Coffman: Memories


The intent of this remembrance page is for Todd's family and
friends to tell us how they will always remember him. Pretend
you're telling someone about Todd. You would describe his
personality, characteristics, traits, values, strengths,
weaknesses, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, style, funny quirks,
etc. For example, you would begin by saying "Todd was..."

Please send me these memories. Thanks!


I'll always remember Todd as a good looking hunk. The most vivid memory
I have of him is seeing him working out in the weight room. He always encouraged me to lift weights and be a "strong" woman, which I still do to this day. I remember him competing in the Mr. Bartlett Contest (bodybuilding contest) and yeow -- did he look good! Check out the pictures on 1986 MEMORIES -- ACTIVITIES to see what I mean!

He was very athlete, and I remember him on the football team. He was very popular, everyone knew who he was, and he was even on the Prom junior court. He was often at parties I attended, and he was always very nice and loved to joke around with me. I strongly remember his sweet smile, curly hair, and gentle heart. He was such a wonderful, kind hearted person. You're missed lots, Todd!

I will always remember him as a strong person with a great personality. He always made me laugh. He was a good person.


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