Michael Todd Coffman: Mom's Memories


Dawn, you have provided the only memorial to my son, Todd Coffman.
I keep it on my favorites on my computer, when I want to read about his classmates and see all the pictures you were kind enough to put on. It makes me happy that you have helped people remember him. You are a kind person and smart, too, to do the web site.

As a mother, you have given me great joy in the selection of pictures you accepted to put on of my son. I will always miss him, and see him in my dreams and in my heart.

Dawn, thank you, again, for your kindness. Ginger, Todd's Mom

P.S. Bobby Barr is also a super person. Note: About a year after Todd's death, I received a package and burst out crying when I opened it. My husband came in and thought somebody had died. No, a dear friend of Todd's, Bobby Barr, had captured about 20 years of my son's life on film and had made photos in baseball card frame and wrote on back, from entering Bartlett until he died in Alaska. Bob Barr is a fine person, and he and Todd loved each other like brothers. As a mom, Bob did something nobody else on earth could have done, gave me back my son and his memories. Thank you, Bob, and God Bless.

The following pictures were sent in by Ginger Smith, Todd's mother.
Click any photograph to view a larger image.

Todd with his mom in front of his business.

Todd, one years old.

Todd, five years old,
with a coon skin cap on!
With his mom.

Running track.
Caption reads: East's Clyde Burleson, center, holds off Bartlett's Todd Coffman and West's Max Easley to win the 400-meter relay in Saturday's Palmer Relays.

Throwing shot put and discus.
Neat article!

Junior season, 1984.

Senior season, 1985.

Lifting weights.

Show us your muscles, Todd! Wow!

Mr. Bartlett contest.

Yeow! Mr. Bartlett contest.

Getting strong!

Track star!

Hard at work in the kitchen!

Todd (16) and Joe (24)
on a rare visit to Arkansas.


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