Icebreaker Mixer Photographs - Page 3

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  Kelley Cizek (Butler), Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling),
Giles Harrison, and Donna Forrester (Davis)
[back row - left to right].
Renee Wolff (Law) [front row].
  Michael (Jennifer's husband), Jennifer Dennis (Isham),
and Sandra Barone (Scott) [left to right].
  Laurie Almquist, Curtis Hiukka,
and Maggie Reecamper [left to right].
  Jennifer Murphy and Dawn Drussel
[left to right].
  Kirsten Baxter (Larson), Anne Burns (Gantz),
and Paul Dougherty [left to right].
  Robert Sun (back row).
Renee Wolff (Law), Lisa Halliday,
and Jody Halliday (Griggs)
[front row - left to right].

Ice Breaker Mixer
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