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  Donna Forrester (Davis), Patricia-Anne Faro (Gibbons),
Curtis Hiukka, and Renee Wolff (Law) [left to right].
  Mike Fetko, Jr., Dionne (Mark's wife),
and Mark Earl [left to right].
  Chris Bodewitz, Bryan Burke, John Toole,
and Brent Carr [left to right].
  Michelle Perminov (Petersen), Anna Stiller (Jose),
Brian Petro, Jerry Edwards, and Illiya Pekich [left to right].
  Duane Jones, Tami Foster,
and Giles Harrison [back row - left to right].
Larry Bohall [front row].
  Marty Myre, Corene (Tony's wife), Tony Alvarado,
and Kirsten Baxter (Larson) [back row - left to right].
Anne Burns (Gantz) [front row].

Ice Breaker Mixer
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