Icebreaker Mixer


Friday, July 26, 1996. 6:30pm.

The Icebreaker Mixer was a casual event of cocktails and
hors d'oeuvres held at Chilkoot Charlie's (2435 Spenard Road, Anchorage). It was a graduates only event so spouses or significant others wouldn't be bored with stories that were special to us, but had little or no meaning to those who were not there. But many spouses did come as they knew many of the other alumni or they just put up with it! A couple of icebreaker games were played to get us to interact. We were broken down into groups based on stamps that were put on our hands during check-in. One game had us passing an orange to the person next to us by using only our neck and chin! The games were a lot of fun!

A few words of thanks are due. First, I would like to thank Giles Harrison for sending me copies of his photographs that have now ended up on this web page. He's a great photographer! Second, a special thanks to Jan Davis (Haslett) who a few years ago flew to San Francisco from Los Angeles to help me label all the photographs that were sent in. Third, Diane Dunham arranged to have the mixer take place at Chilkoot Charlie's which had a great open space near the back bar which included a big patio area. And fourth, Illiya Pekich provided beer on tap for a minimal charge through his liquor distribution company. It was a great mixer that got the reunion weekend off to a good start!

Ice Breaker Mixer
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