Wallace W. Monceaux: Stories


The intent of this remembrance page is for Wallace's family and
friends to send in stories that they have of him. These stories
could be from his childhood, school years, college years, special
occasions, vacations, get togethers, holidays, family reunions,
etc. If you were telling this story to someone, you would begin
by saying "I remember the time Wallace..."

Please send me these stories. Thanks!


When I was dating Gerry Snow while in high school, this is when I got to know Wally as they were really good friends. I remember going to a lot of school dances together, and hanging out with other friends like Dawn Moe and Correna Krook.

Wally wrote me 1989, and I'll always cherish this handwritten letter. He told me that he was in the Navy, stationed in San Diego for the next two years, he was a sonar man on submarines, and now taking advanced electronics classes. He wanted me to come visit him once I got a chance. I love this that he wrote, "Let's make the most of life and have as much fun as legally possible!" That's Wally for you!

I was Wallace's date to the Senior Prom. I was surprised when he asked but I readily accepted because I knew he would be a lot of fun. I think he was a bit annoyed at me at the dance because my hair kept falling down and I had to keep leaving to pin it up. He finally said I should just leave it down because it looked good either way. I will always remember him as fun loving, a very comfortable person to be around, and that ever present smile on his face. I was heartbroken when I learned he had passed away and regret not being able to hold his hand again and tell him what a great guy he was.


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