Jodi L. Callahan: Memories


The intent of this remembrance page is for Jodi's family and
friends to tell us how they will always remember her. Pretend
you're telling someone about Jodi. You would describe her
personality, characteristics, traits, values, strengths,
weaknesses, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, style, funny quirks,
etc. For example, you would begin by saying "Jodi was..."

Please send me these memories. Thanks!


Wow, Jodi Callahan. I'm still in shock over her death. I didn't know Jodi in high school, but I certainly "knew" of her! But then who couldn't?! In her senior year alone, she was on the swim team, Homecoming royal court, French club, Student Government President, National Honor Society, and she went to France with the French Club over the 1985 summer break. She was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by the class, and she was extremely popular and well liked.

Jodi came to the 10 year reunion, and this is when I finally got to know her. She looked exactly the same to me but with just longer hair -- she was absolutely beautiful! We spent some quality time together, and she had such a very warm and caring heart. She had a very easy, go lucky attitude about her but she was very driven. It saddens me that I didn't realize how unhappy she was and this was just a front, as it was only four months later that she took her own life. I remember looking forward to getting email, so we could correspond with each other. My last memory of her will be at the airport, as she was leaving on the same flight as my husband. I remember hugging her goodbye and saying we'll talk soon.

To this day, I often wonder what was right around the corner for her, as she had such a bright and prosperous future. God Bless you, Jodi, my friend.


I'm absolutely crushed and dumbfounded over Jodi's death. Jodi and I were best friends during our freshman year in high school in Fayetteville, NC. I remember Jodi as a fantastic friend, high achiever, smart, sweet, kind, and so much fun. As neither of us had grown up with the majority of the kids at our high school, we connected immediately at cheerleading tryouts. We were on the freshman cheerleading team together, spent the night at each other's houses many times, and were 'thick as thieves' as they say. Two sides of the same coin - her the blonde and me the brunette. We were both so very sad when her father was transferred, and we had to say goodbye. But, such is the life of a military family. My heart is broken to find out that this beautiful, kind soul has departed this earth. Her memory is still very alive in my heart and mind. I will always remember her bright light. May my friend, Jodi, rest easy in eternal peace.


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