Hilda Marie McGaha (Bailey): Barr's Memories


The following memories were written by Hilda's cousin, Bob Barr (also
Class of 1986):

"Hilda passed away from heart failure on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend in 1994. She was happily married for some years and working at First National Bank of Alaska. She wanted to be an airline stewardess but loved Alaska so much that I guess she decided not to pursue that. She was extremely strong willed and determined. When she made up her mind that was pretty much it as far as she was concerned, and she was very centered for what was right and what was wrong. That was tempered also by a very forgiving nature."
The following pictures were also sent in by Bob Barr.
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Bob Barr wrote: "This photo was taken in 1986 when we had some family visiting from the Lower 48 and all our mothers came to check up on us on "The Strip" one Friday evening. That's me on the roof, Hilda in the blue shirt, two of other cousins, Tim (making the hand signs), and Natalie in the black jacket. They both graduated from Chugiak."

Bob Barr, Hilda Bailey, and Bob's mother in front of Denny's (the place to eat then in the summer of 1986).

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