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  Chris Bodewitz and Erna Berletich
(Chris' date) [left to right].
  Renee Wolff (Law) and
Jon Smodey [left to right].
  Patricia-Anne's husband, Patricia-Anne Faro (Gibbons)
and Giles Harrison [left to right].
  Tonya Bivins (Worst) [on floor].
  Looking through the Memory Book.
Joan Gustafson (Everard) with her
husband, Glenn.
  Remember GNO in the back of the yearbook
(Girls Night Out)? The group gets together again!
Jodi Callahan, Tracy Harpel, Anna Stiller (Jose),
and Lynda Gregory (Almasy) [first row - left to right].
Trill Webster (Gates), Michelle Perminov (Petersen),
Caroline Johengen (Bolls), and Sally Janis [second row
- left to right]. Jessica Alfano (Johnson) and
Joan Gustafson (Everard) [back row - left to right].

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