Alumni Communication - May 19, 2016


Hello BHS Class of '86!

RSVP & Money Due - June 1st
Just a friendly reminder that the RSVPs are due in TWO weeks! I'm really, really nervous about the large balloon payment due to Hard Rock on June 9th, so if you are attending the reunion, can you PLEASE take the time now to send in your money? Thank you!!

You have many payment options:
#1 -- Send to me a check and the RSVP card that you received in mail.
#2 -- Download & print the RSVP card, and send it and a check to me.
#3 -- You can pay by PayPal. Note if your PayPal is linked to a credit card (vs. your bank account), the price is slightly higher because of all the fees. All the various types of Paypal links can be found on the "30 YEAR REUNION, then COST" link on this website.

Not attending? We still need lots of donations! You can send a check via the mail, or we even have a special Paypal donation link here:

Does anyone have contact info on any teachers and want to sponsor/pay their way for the Saturday night event? If so, contact me and I'll give you the information you need. Let me know!

Memory Book
Don't forget to order your memory book here:

Reunion Questionnaire
We have received (14) responses so far. My goal is (100)! Fill out the reunion questionnaire soon!

Current Photograph
Don't forget to send in a current photograph to me!

Questions? Let me know!

I hope you have caught the reunion fever!

Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling)