Alumni Communication - March 4, 2016


Hello BHS Class of '86!

I will be working on the final budget this weekend, and then dividing the total by how many people I think will attend. To help me get a good RSVP estimate, can you hit the RETURN button right now and RSVP to me? Thank you very, very much!!

There are a bunch of extras that I will not be including in the budget to keep the cost down, but relying on donations to get them for our reunion. If you're able to donate ANY amount, please email me to get my address. And a big thank you goes to Tonya Paige (Worst) for her donation! Thank you!!

Our silent auction will be ending this SUNDAY, 6pm AKST (10pm CST). Fellow alum Bryan Burke is offering (4) Alaskan Kenai River Fishing Trips that will take place right before or after the reunion. He can also be flexible with fellow Alaskans to pick a different date that works for the both of you. Bids start at $100. To learn more, check it out here:
I'll list all the rest of the silent auction details at the end of this email.

Remember to hit the RETURN button to RSVP to me! THANK YOU!!

Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling)
BHS Class of '86 Alumni Chair


To keep this a private auction to just our class (so outside people are not bidding), I've made it so participants must request access to join the auction. If you are receiving this email, I will approve your email address when the request comes in to me. If you're going to use a different email address for this auction, just let me know!

The silent auction ends on Sunday, March 7th, at 6pm (AKST) / 10pm (EST). Just remember if you're going to be bidding at the last minute, you need to have approved access beforehand. Also, I have added the "extended bidding" option. Which means bidding automatically extends by 3 minutes when it receives a bid during the final 3 minutes. This process repeats for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time.