Class Itinerary


Bon Voyage Party -- Saturday Night
A party is being planned in the evening for Saturday, February 19th. Any BHS alumni can attend, even if you're not cruising! More details to come later.

Group Photograph
On one of the formal evenings (Tuesday or Friday), we'll meet before dinner for a group picture. I'm aiming to do this Tuesday evening. More details to come later.

Group Coordinator
There will be a Carnival Group Coordinator that will work with us, and I'll try to work with her/him ahead of time to see what all we can do together as a group. More details to come later.

To begin, this cruise can be what YOU want your vacation to be. Do you want a vacation where you do nothing but relax, reading a book, or working on your tan? Or do you want a vacation where you go from one "fun" activity to the next? Or do you want a vacation that's a mix of relaxing and doing some of the "fun" activities?

During the three days that say "Fun Day at Sea," you can do any of these options. What's nice is these days are the first two full days at sea and the last full day at sea. So you go into your vacation with time to relax and end the trip with one last relaxation day before going back to the "real world"!

The three days in the middle are "port" days -- Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. You can see these ports by doing excursions or you can explore them on your own. Or you don't have to get off the ship at all!

Now as far as "day" activities with your classmates, you can either do things on your own and not plan to see us until the evening. Or we can plan things to do together during the day -- like meeting up in a certain pool area or going to watch the "Men's Hairy Chest Contest" together. We'll have to devise a plan on how to share this information.

I definitely think we should exchange information on what excursions you're planning to take. I think that would be a neat experience to share together! But overall, the day is for you and however you want to spend it.

Now the whole point of taking a cruise with your classmates is to spend time with your classmates -- and that's what the evenings are all about!

To begin, I've picked the 6:00pm dining option. I've found that we were starving by the later dining option (8:15pm), and we ended up eating a "snack" at one of the other restaurants to tie us over -- this ruined our appetite for these wonderful dinners! The only day that this could pose a problem is Wednesday when we're in Puerto Vallarta until 10pm. So let's plan that on Wednesday that it's not a big deal to not meet up for dinner!

Because we're booking our cruise as a "group," we'll be able to sit together as a group. I would like to rotate dinner partners so you end up having dinner with everyone in our group by the end of the cruise. I'll work with Carnival to make this happen.

After dinner, I would strongly suggest seeing together that evening's entertainment in the Spectacular Spectacular Show Lounge. These shows start at 8:30pm/8:45pm, and they are awesome!

From there, we can hit the dance club or go to one of the many bars on the ship. There's often late night comedians at 11pm or 12am. We could also see a late night movie for a more relaxing evening. The options are endless, and we can figure it out together each evening at dinner!