Alumni Communication - September 27, 2010


Hello BHS Class of '86!

We've got a one day extension to book your cruise! Please call the travel agent by Tuesday evening, September 28th. It's only a $250 deposit / per person. Contact info - Gloria Boensch - (989) 737-4401; (989) 652-8268;

Please see the web site for all the details about the cruise!

I won't be sending out any "official" invitations by mail, so please RSVP to me as soon as possible. Let me know if you're a YES, MAYBE, or NO!

Also, pre-cruise activities are currently being planned by Kim Anderson (Kost) and Giles Harrison! They will take place on February 18th (informal barbecue) and February 19th (dinner, drinks, & dancing at "The Terrace") in Venice Beach. You don't have to be cruising to enjoy these pre-cruise activities. Please also RSVP a YES, MAYBE, or NO for this event, too!

I hope everyone can make it! I'm excited about this ship and sharing this cruising adventure with you!

Take care,
Dawn Dalton (Houghtaling)
BHS Class of '86 Alumni Chair