Reunion Questionnaire

The information on this form was used to calculate statistics, determine awards, create the icebreaker game, make the alumni timelines (thanks Robyn!), and used in the Reunion Memory Book.

What have you been doing since high school? Max 300 words.
Briefly list 10-12 important events that have happened since high school. Examples: graduations; marriages; children births; achievements (sports, career, health, other); vacations; misc ** Include full date **
List one little known fact about yourself that others would be surprised to learn. Something that's unusual or unique. Examples: "I rode on a motorcycle from Michigan to Arizona in 4 days" or "I coached three teams in one year - soccer, softball, and hockey" or "I've hiked the Ugandan rain forest in Africa to see mountain gorillas".
If you don't want your contact info listed in the Memory Book's Alumni Directory, type "PRIVATE PLEASE" here.
List (3) classmates who always know where you're at:
List (4) people and their current contact info who always know where you're at (siblings, parents, friends, etc). ** please provide relation, name, address, phone number, and e-mail address **
Please answer the following questions that are applicable to you.
1. Occupation (incl. company, title):
2. a. How long have you been at your current employer?
b. In your current occupation?
3. Education (degrees, majors, & schools):
4. Military Service:
5. Marriage Info (include # marriages, divorce, widow, date of last marriage):
6. # Children, Names, Ages:
7. Grandchildren (you never know!):
8. Parents (are both your parents alive, have you lost your dad, mom, or both):
9. Pets (type -- dog, cat, etc.; names):
10. Hobbies:
11. Sports Activities:
12. Favorite Sports Teams:
13. What do in personal time:
14. In high school, what sports did you participate in:
15. In high school, what clubs did you participate in:
16. # States or countries lived in since high school:
17. # Addresses you've had since high school:
18. City & state traveling from to attend reunion:
19. Unusual or unique circumstances about attending reunion:
20. Favorite vacation spots:
21. Traveled to Canada (yes or no)?
Traveled to Mexico (yes or no)?
Traveled to South America (yes or no)?
Traveled to Central America (yes or no)?
Traveled to Europe (yes or no)?
Traveled to Africa (yes or no)?
Traveled to Asia / Japan / Indonesia (yes or no)?
Traveled to Middle East / Russia (yes or no)?
Traveled to Australia / New Zealand (yes or no)?
Traveled -- Other?