Alumni were invited to open up their homes to those traveling from out-of-state.
It's expense to come up to Alaska when you add in the air fare, food, and car rental.
If someone could help out by letting another classmate stay in a spare bedroom or even on their couch, it was greatly appreciated!

Pam Gifford was in charge of connecting rooms to out-of-town classmates.
Alumni contacted her if they were interested in sharing a room in their home or were interested in staying in a room some where. The information she collected:

++ Dates.
++ Number of people.
++ What you have available (room, couch, bed size, etc.)
++ Animals (for those who are allergic).
++ Smoking, non-smoking, doesn't matter.
++ Special conditions (i.e., no kids, etc).

She made a list of classmates who were looking and listed these names on this web site until they were matched with someone. It was up to those who open up their homes to pick someone (that list was kept private).

There were seven different hotels in Anchorage that had blocked rooms for classmates. Group rates were set up at each one, and the rooms needed to be booked JUNE 1ST. After this date, these hotels released any unsold rooms. As an cheaper alternative, alumni considered the Summer Guest Housing at the University of Anchorage.

Classmates were also encouraged to seriously consider at least one night at the Historic Anchorage Hotel. They hosted the Friday Night Mixer and had given us a good deal on the venue rental.

** Click here for all the hotel options. **

I thought this was the way to go! Two B&B web sites were referenced. On the first web site, you could check the availability of all the B&B's in Anchorage. On both web sites, you could then click on a B&B's web site to get a price and check them out.

Web Site #1: Anchorage Bed and Breakfast Association.
Web Site #2: Bed and Breakfast Association of Alaska.

A few B&B's had offered a discounted price to any BHS alumni who booked with them.
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