Reunion Committee Photographs


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Caroline Johengen (Bolls)'s husband, Chris, and a friend of the Johengens [left to right] getting the name tags ready at the Icebreaker Mixer.

Diane Dunham, Caroline Johengen (Bolls), and Jodi Callahan [left to right] getting the WELCOME BACK sign ready for the Icebreaker Mixer.

Jodi Callahan checks a name tag with Caroline Johengen (Bolls) for the Icebreaker Mixer. Andrew Loomis looks on.

"It's going well!" Caroline Johengen (Bolls) and husband Chris at the Icebreaker Mixer.

Jan Haslett, Sally Janis, Caroline Johengen (Bolls), Karen Hudson (Polk), and Jessica Alfano (Johnson) [left to right] getting centerpieces ready for the Dinner/Dance.

Jessica Alfano [Johnson]
blowing up balloons for the Dinner/Dance.

Joan Gustafson (Everard), Caroline Johengen (Bolls), and Lynda Gregory (Almasy) [left to right] putting together a picture collage for the Dinner/Dance of photographs sent in for the Memory Book.

"We finished the collages!" Lynda Gregory (Almasy) and Jodi Callahan [left to right].

Jessica Alfano [Johnson] getting the Memory Books ready to handout at the Dinner/Dance.

Laying out the name tags for the Dinner/Dance for those who didn't attend the Icebreaker Mixer. Sally Janis, Caroline Johengen (Bolls)'s husband Chris, and Lynda Gregory (Almasy) [left to right].

A very pregnant Karen Hudson (Polk) and Jan Haslett getting the centerpieces ready for the Dinner/Dance.

Meet and greet. Caroline Johengen (Bolls) and Joan Gustafson (Everard) [left to right] working the reception table at the Dinner/Dance.