The Year In Review

  The following is an article written for the senior issue of the BHS school newspaper entitled "Bearly Made It."

"The Year in Review: Bartlett's Ups and Downs" by Tammy Woller

After what seemed to be an endless summer, registration began, and Bartlett had to move back home. Students, as well as faculty, jumped in to help out, only to find a chaotic mess.

"Registration Frustration," one of the first Bartlett dances, reunited the Bartlett family and got everybody thinking about school, which would be starting shortly thereafter.

Painters were still painting on through November when we had our homecoming festivities.

This year, it was a little unusual. Homecoming was a basketball game against the Seward Seahawks (which we won). The parade of floats was held indoors. The seniors and freshmen tied for first place. Second place was snagged be DECA, and third was captured by the band. Lisa Wood, escorted by Steve Walton, was crowned queen at the dance following the game. The theme of the dance was "One Lonely Night."

The next major activity was the Snowball dance. Skip Townsend and Jessica Johnson were crowned king and queen.

Then it was time for the basketball players to fly off to the Belk Beach Ball Classic in South Carolina, where Brian Petro won the award for the most hustle, and Skip Townsend was recognized for his academic achievement throughout the season.

Mr. Hunter handed in his resignation after Christmas vacation, and students petitioned the Anchorage School District to let him continue teaching at Bartlett. He was replaced by Mrs. Scarborough. Students also stood up and got involved this year when talks of a swimming pool started again. The pool is currently in the planning stages.

Ms. Goll and Mr. Madden gathered their students together and told them of their experiences on the Gunnar Naslund Challenge Course out by Service. The next thing they knew, they had their students out there experiencing the unbelievable. After spending an entire morning at the challenge course, people came in shivering with several layers of clothing on. It was as if a new family had been created. The students seemed to take a new look at things around them.

The basketball team shocked us all after losing two tension-filled games with our rival, East High School. They proceeded to beat them at Regionals and then again at State to capture both the Regional and State titles. Coach Whitmore was named Coach of the Year. While the Bartlett athletes were shining up here, Doug Herron, an '85 Bartlett graduate, was named Sportsperson of the Year during his freshman year at Arizona State.

What was all that music in Main Place, and what was with those Spandex pants? It was an airband contest sponsored by the Pep Club. Groups of people gathered to practice lip syncs and compete in Main Place. The top air bands competed in the Little Theater for cash prices.

Proposed impeachment of the sophomore class president was the next big thing in the Bartlett news. Melissa Edmunson and Chris Lund were charged with possession of alcohol, but they claimed that they were unaware of the alcohol in Melissa's dad's truck. The case was brought to the school board, and Melissa and Chris were not suspended.

Bear Gulch made the news in the Anchorage Times and on Channel Two. A few of the booths brought quite a lot of attention, including the following: the Scrambled Egg Saloon, the Jello-sucking booth, and the Olympic Hockey Shoot.

The Bartlett robot phone was put into use and made it easier for the parents of Bartlett students to keep informed of their students' absences.

Mr. Kelly was suspended because of a mix-up in the calendars. He allowed Bartlett students an extra day off school. The teachers had to make this time up on Mondays for an hour or so after school.

OEA and DECA competed in their individual state competitions. OEA brought home eleven trophies. Out of ten DECA state participants, seven of them placed. Most of them placed in more than one event. DECA also brought back to Bartlett the Chapter of the Year plaque, which East had held for several years.

"Can-Can" was well rehearsed and ready to go. The cast stood on stage to standing ovations night after night. The Bartlett guys enjoyed it so much that they got together their own all-male Can-Can line and performed for all of Bartlett to see.

While the "Can-Can" cast was receiving their praise, the German Club was rehearsing for their own production of "Wilhelm Tell."

Right in the midst of the seniors' plans, they were informed that all of their graduation announcements wouldn't have the correct date and place on them. This was because plans for the gym floor repairs were being made and the floor would be torn up for graduation night. The arrangements were made to hold the activities elsewhere, and things began to run smoothly again.

In the halls, one could hear everyone talking about Mr. Bartlett. Everyone's question was answered when Tony Weaver and other body builders from the Anchorage area chose Kevin Vakalis for Mr. Bartlett. Best Pose went to Eric Burton.

"Heaven" was the setting for this year's junior-senior prom at the Captain Cook. Limos continuously pulled up at the Captain Cook to let off various couples.

As everyone crams for finals and works to raise those grades, there is a feeling of excitement and freedom, but there's also a feeling of loneliness and of fear. Bartlett's last dance was held on May 16th. Seniors take their finals on the 22nd and 23rd. Baccalaureate will be held on the 27th, and graduation will be the 28th.
Tammy Woller