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November 14 and 15, 1985.

This event took place in two of Kathy Goll's twelfth grade Humanities classes and two of Keith Madden's ninth grade World History Read classes and concluded at Service High School's Gunnar Naslund Challenge Course. These classes had been studying the Ancient Greek Civilization of the Golden Age of Athens and had concentrated on answering three questions: What is a good man? What makes a good society? Why did the Greek Civilization fail?

Goll and Madden found these questions to be as relevant today as they were back then, so they had their students work together in small groups to address these questions in today's society. Some of the students participated in the challenge course to work as a "civilization" to get over a twelve-foot wall, leap for a suspended trapeze, get across five swinging tires, climb through a web of ropes, and swing on a rope over a "boiling sea of peanut butter" to a small wooden platform.

Although I personally don't have many memories of this event, I had talked to Tammy Woller who had happened to have the booklet with our responses to how this event effected many of us. I thank Tammy Woller for sending it to me and maybe you'll find the response you wrote. I would love any comments on this if it has had some effect on you still to this day.

Click any link to the right to view a full page of the booklet. Enjoy!

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