Seniors Give Thanks and Appreciation

  The following were written by us for the senior issue of the BHS school newspaper entitled "Bearly Made It."

I would like to thank Mrs. Carol Johnson for giving me her time, effort, and a wonderful friendship. Thanks!

JOAN EVERARD: I want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Owen for understanding me and believing in me; to Mr. Mergler, for making me feel so special; and to the GNO girls for some of the best memories of my life.

MIKE FETKO: I thank Coach Joe Wilson for all the hard and rough times he has helped me through. I thank Tom Worst for being a tough act to follow. I thank Mrs. Owen for some past experiences with her. I thank Mr. Wolfley for using Tom, Ben, and Mike for examples in his U.S. Government class.

KATIE FIERRO: I want to thank Thomas R. Bender for being my best friend. Thank you for being so generous, caring, and understanding. You're what has made my senior year great. I love you, Paco!

TAMI FOSTER: Thanks so much to all my buddies who have helped me out through the moguls; Steph, Chelle, Cona, Jenny, Ken, and especially Dawn; you guys are the greatest! Also, thanks to Karl B. for all his support, but mostly for just being my baby! I love you!

LENORE GOODE: Thank you, Teresa, Stephanie W., Stephanie G., Yolanda, Pam, Tracey, and Niccy for always being there to listen to my bull. I would like to especially thank Dianna Peterson, Jerri Munson, Gerry Chambers, and Paul McGee for instilling within me the desire to pursue my goals.

DUANE JONES: I would like to thank, first and foremost, Mrs. Forshee for everything she's done for me. I love ya, lady! Thanks to Mr. Goff for putting up with me and my musical ideas, and to John; thanks, buddy. You're the best; you've always been there for me.

KATHY MANNING: Thank you so much, Mr. Nelson, for being such an outstanding teacher to me. Love ya much! Thank you, Cona Ottoson, for being my best friend and helping me out in every way you can; you're the bestest friend anyone could ever have.

BILL MCARTHUR: Thank you, Mr. Boyer; without you I wouldn't have known what life without skateboards and Walkmans would be like.

YOLANDA MITCHELL: A big thanks to Ms. Goll and Mrs. Olsen for all their love and support this year. Also to "Baby" Boots and Brenda, the best cheerleading sponsors and friends ever.

KAREN POLK: I would like to thank Mrs. Richmond for being a great teacher and an even better friend. Thanks to Sandra, Jessica, Anita, and Janet for their friendship that past years. A very special thanks to Shannon for making this a great year, for being there when I needed him, and for being my very best friend.

CYLE SPRICK: Thank you, Mr. Tryon; you've been a great source of inspiration, and a never-ending supply of wisdom and intelligence. Thanks for being my friend.

DANA SULLIVAN: Thanks to all the students that I borrowed quarters from, together you made it possible for me to eat lunch.

STEVE WALTON: The mere words "thank you" are not enough to express my gratitude to Kathy Goll and Larry Whitmore; our unbreakable bonds of friendship will always remain. Also, thanks to the basketball squad.

TAMMY WOLLER: Dave Walker, a special thanks goes to you for helping Dani, the VW, and me through all the catastrophes that seemed to be major but turned out minor. Thanks to Ms. Goll, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Parnell, and Mr. Moser for being so kind and supportive. Thanks, Steve, for the sweats; I love 'em.