The photographs are from the 1985-86 BHS yearbook. I scanned just the team photos to save space. The following is an article written for the senior issue of the BHS school newspaper entitled "Bearly Made It."

"Sports Year In Review"

The two top senior slap shooters this year were Captain Bryan Burke and Goalie Lonnie Brown. Burke played right wing and was one of the very few players who made the varsity team as a freshman and became a four-year letterman. Lonnie Brown first came to Bartlett this year and showed lots of potential. He soon became one of Bartlett's top goaltenders.

Paul Dougherty, Brian Dean, Chris Bodewitz, and Jay Riski were the top skiers this season. All four competed in the state meet; Bodewitz placed in the top ten.

Terry Trowbridge, Steve "Slip" Walton, Todd Coffman, and Steve "Springs" Little dominated the boys' track team.

Girls' swim team captains Joan Everard and Sally Janis were leaders for the wet squad. In the regional meet, Everard placed sixth in the 200-yard Individual Medley and took fourth in the 100-yard backstroke. Janis went to the regions in three events, the 500-yard freestyle, the 200-yard freestyle, and the 400-yard free relay. For the state meet, she swam in the 400-yard relay and the 500-yard freestyle.

Brian Petro, Steve Walton, Reggie Johnson, and Skip Townsend were the four top players this year in basketball. Petro was named an All-Conference player in the regional tournament. Walton, Townsend, and Petro dominated the All-Tournament team in the state championship games.

But no one will ever forget the Bartlett Basketball team: Their victory over the East Thunderbirds in the final game of the regional tournament. Their reaching the top and gaining the state title. The fourteen dedicated ball players. The dedicated coaches.

Yes, the 1985-86 basketball season was a great one. We couldn't have asked for anything better; truly, this was our year. "It was very gratifying to see a group of young men not only develop and mature into an outstanding basketball team, but to grow and mature as individuals as well. It is always exciting and rewarding to reach the top, to be the best, and to fulfill a dream; but to see a person mature and develop within is the ultimate," Larry Whitmore, 1985-86 Coach of the Year.

This year's volleyball season was an overall learning experience. Laura Phipps and Angie Rais led the team this year; they also earned All-Conference honors.

Skip Townsend and Derrick Spruill were two seniors who were named All-Conference players this football season. Townsend played tight end and Spruill played flanker and defensive back.

Brian Petro and Kjersten Berg were the top tennis players this season. Both led the team and were very competitive.

Kathleen Linehan was the top senior basketball player. She averaged 11 rebounds and 10.5 points a game.

Bartlett's wrestling team was very successful this year. Bartlett placed second in the regional meets, and took second again in the state meet, just behind Service. Bartlett's top wrestlers for the season included James Vance, Tommy Worst, Mike Fetko, Mike Slaughter, Shannon Powell, and Ben McNaughtan.


In Cross Country Running, Brian Dean placed sixteenth at state. Boys varsity runners Tony Gibbons, Craig Barstow, Bob Toney, and Joe Ennis won the second place trophy in the Region IV Tournament and fourth at the state meet. Both boys JV and open teams were runner-ups at the Region IV tournament. The girls JV squad was the Region IV champs again this year.

The Cross Country Ski Team sent Kris Berg (Class of 1988), Chris Bodewitz, Brian Dean, Paul Doughterty, Debbie Moseley, Diana Moseley, Richard Ragle, Meg Simonian, Stephanie Weston, and Jennifer Whyte to state finals. The boys' team placed sixth and the girls' team placed eighth.

Matt Snell, the team captain for the Diving Team, placed first in the regional meet but was unable to go to state because of illness. Also, Miguel Cardozatobar placed eleventh at the regional meet.

The Riflery Team won its eleventh consecutive regional title. Top shooters were David Vozka, Karen Wasserzieher, and Robyn LaMore.

Tennis doubles team Kjersten Berg and sophomore Beth Janis placed second in the Region IV tournament.

The Volleyball Team placed third in the Regional IV tournament and placed two people in the All-Conference Team: Laura Phipps (middle hitter) and Angie Rais (middle hitter).

The Wrestling Team took first place in the North Pole Tournament with twelve out of thirteen wrestlers placing. They also took first in the eighth Annual Team Tournament in Glenallen. They took second in the Chugiak Invitational Tournament and second in Ketchican. Among the teams many great assets was James Vance, the only player to remain undefeated with fourteen wins and two ties.

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