Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day, Beach Lake, Eagle River. May 16, 1986.

The photographs on this web page were taken by me. The following is an article written for the senior issue of the BHS school newspaper entitled "Bearly Made It."

"Skippidy Do Dah" by Steve Bolling

This year's Senior Skip Day will remain in the memories of everyone that went. The occasion was held the 16th of May, but for many groups of seniors it began on the night of the 15th. That is when good friends spend the night together and reminisce about things that happened to them throughout high school, and then there were those that don't even want to remember that night. Just ask Mike McBride about that.

The following day would prove to be a very exciting for many. The day began at 10:30 a.m. when seniors from both East and Bartlett arrived at the Totem Theater parking lot to receive directions to the rendezvous site. Soon after that, everyone was on their way to Beach Lake in Eagle River.

Once there, people began to have a good time, but for some, the festivities were a little too good.

This year's Senior Skip Day has all the ingredients for a "classic" skip day. From four-wheelers zooming around to people falling flat on their faces from some odd reason or another, everyone was having a good time.

Then after all of the roughnecks were juiced up, it was their turn to entertain the crowd. First, East's Toby Ferra drove into the ditch along the side of the road. It was not long after that before a fellow roughneck was trying to pull him out to no avial. In fact, the first truck that tried ended up even more stuck in the mud, drawing applause from the crowd. It seems after these two were stuck, many decided to follow. At one point, there were seven different cars in the ditch. If Tim Culhane got $5.00 for everyone he pulled out, he would be rich. When asked what he thought about the rescue work, he simply said, "I didn't mind pulling them out, especially the blond in the little brown car."

When East High's Senior Class President Karen Johnson was asked what she thought of the festivities, she said, "It's amazing how many people showed up. I'm glad our schools can still get together and do something like this." Bartlett's very own Senior Class President Jeb Downing added, "I'm glad everyone had a good time, and I'm glad both Karen and I could put together an occasion like this." Then he quietly went back to sleep.

The festivities concluded at about six o'clock that evening and Senior Skip Day, Bartlett style, was over for another year.
Steve Bolling

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