Junior/Senior Prom

  Captain Cook Hotel
May 3, 1986
8:00pm - 12:00am

The article and photographs are from the 1985-86 BHS yearbook. To save space, I included just the photographs that are alumni from our class.

With over 200 couples attending the 1986 Heaven Prom, it was a great success. Prom was held on May 3rd at the Captain Cook Hotel, and it was chaired by Kjersten Berg, Meg Brown, Cynthia Davis, Yvette Garroutte, Chris Holden, Tim Leighton, Carolyn Masonheimer, Bob Toney, Tonya Worst, and Kimmie Yandell. The junior king and queen were Rob Carter and Kim Taylor. The senior king and queen were Chris Bodewitz and Laurie Wiles.

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